Stephen Newman, an attorney originally from New Hartford, will try to take out Brian Chang, who's on a 5-day winning streak on Jeopardy.

Who are you rooting for tonight? A former New Hartford lawyer or Briann Chang? Do you know  Stephen Newman? According to the Jeopardy website, he's from New Hartford, and it looks like he might have a tough time taking on Brian Chang, who's also a lawyer, and has won $116,503 over the last 5-days on Jeopardy.

Showtime is 7 pm tonight, 1/26/21, on WKTV.

Career statistics for Chang via The Jeopardy Fan:

  • 120 correct, 13 incorrect
  • 4/5 on rebound attempts (on 21 rebound opportunities)
  • 40.57% in first on buzzer (114/281)
  • 7/8 on Daily Doubles (Net Earned: $8,300)
  • 3/5 in Final Jeopardy
  • Average Coryat: $17,720

Change's chances of winning tonight are 55%. So, unfortunately, the odds are against Newman but don't give up! Anything can happen on a game show.

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