Utica Bread has scored another major honor.

First it was their chocolate croissants, mentioned in 2018 by Food & Wine magazine. Now, the same publication has placed Utica Bread on its list of The 100 Best Bakeries in America. Started by Tim Hardiman and his partners, Utica Bread was then sold to Tim Owens a couple of years ago.

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From the piece on Food & Wine's website, Utica Bread is described this way:

A workhorse of a bakery that’s part of a vibrant little culinary community of old and new favorites in a town doesn’t get all that much attention from outside, the croissants here easily compete on a regional level, and their breads are the sort every neighborhood deserves.

If you check out that article, you'll find Utica Bread, in alphabetical order, toward the bottom of the list. Here are the 14 New York State bakeries (and THREE Upstate ones) that made the Top 100:

  • Apple Pie Bakery Café, Hyde Park
  • Balthazar Bakery, Manhattan
  • Bien Cuit, Brooklyn
  • Bread Alone, Kingston
  • Burrow, Brooklyn
  • Joey Bats Café, Manhattan
  • L'Imprimerie, Brooklyn
  • Moonrise Bakehouse, Brooklyn
  • Napoli Bakery, Brooklyn
  • She Wolf Bakery, Brooklyn
  • Sullivan Street Bakery, Manhattan
  • Utica Bread, Utica/New Hartford
  • Win Son Bakery, Brooklyn
  • Yonah Schimmel's, Manhattan

We're thinking about taking a little tour, starting with a trip to Kingston and Hyde Park in the Hudson Valley Region.

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