I am a new pool owner and I never realized how many things other pool owners never tell you. I mean they have all chimed in on chlorine, fences, and what pool floats they love but not about frogs that find their way into your pool. So far we have only had our pool open for a week and there have been four frogs found. Half of them had drowned.

I am an animal lover and was heartbroken when I found out that cute little frogs met their demise in my pool. I had to get more information on how I could save these cute little creatures. Hopefully, this helps some other pool owners too.

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Frogs are looking for food and stagnant pool water attracts bugs. That lures them into the pool. But when they get in, they can't get out. The sides are too high. I found out that if you leave something in the pool like a boogie board and tie it close to an edge, they are able to hop on out according to The Clean-up Expert. This one though won't deter the frogs, it will just give them an escape route so they won't drown.

Apparently, frogs are not fans of light. We don't have any light on or in our pool but they are attracted to other light sources. There may be a neighbor's light reflecting off of the pool or they say even the moon can attract them. I realize I can only control this one to a certain extent.

There are also things that you can sprinkle or pour along the outside of your pool. Coffee grounds are recommended because frogs don't like how they feel on their feet and they will stay away from the pool itself. Also, vinegar acts similarly except it makes their feet feel like they are burning so they will not get close.

As a new pool owner and an animal lover, I really hope these tricks will limit the number of times my son Ryan has to fish the dead frogs out of our pool. You don't think that's my job, do you?

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