Do you like sweltering heat? Then you'll love this summer in CNY.

The Farmers Almanac has predicted "sweltering heat, torrential rain, and unforgiving humidity" for summer 2019. Ummm,  we sure hope you have a pool and AC.

Some say this is a bleak outlook for summer while others look forward to the heat as it helps them with their aches and pains. We do feel for those who have to work outside in the elements. The Farmers Almanac says it doesn't matter where you live, but East Coasters might have it worst. Pete Geiger, an editor  for the Farmers' Almanac, says:

“Much of our summer forecast predicts lots of rain, thunderstorms, and wetness during July and August in the Northeast and New England areas."


Stormy weather is predicted for May through October in the Southeast, Midwest, and Central U.S with “Large hail, straight-line winds” and a high potential for tornadoes. The West Coast will experience “sizzling” heat, but according to the Farmers' Almanac, the  Pacific Northwest will have  “pleasant and fair conditions” with  fairly dry weather “through to August.”

What will you do if these predictions ring true this summer in CNY? How will you stay cool?

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