It's harvest time, and local farms are looking to hire those interested in not only making some extra cash, but also learn about growing vegetables, local food co-ops, and the Community-Supported Agriculture Program (C.S.A.).

The latest bagged salad recall due to parasites might have you thinking twice about where and how you buy your food. Like we always say, 'shop local, support local,' and working part-time at a farm where they grow food naturally might be the perfect way to become more conscious of what you put into your body.

It's harvest time at the farm and we need more help weeding, picking, and packaging for the markets, CSAs, and special orders. Garlic, beans, tomatoes are coming, and much more! So if you are looking for a part-time job...20-25 hrs a week or just a few hours a day, a few days a week, mornings, afternoons or evenings, send us a message here or by text 315-982-3589 or email at

The Exeter Park family farm, located in West Winfield, grows its produce the natural way "because that's the way food tastes best."

There's a difference in the crispness of our tomatoes, the flavor of our herbs and the size of our garlic cloves. We choose to do things the right way, not the easiest way, because that's how you get the best and healthiest vegetables. On our farm you won't find raised beds, hoop houses, insecticides or artificial fertilizers. We're not about quantity, we're about quality. And that's something we'll prove to you with your first bite! [Exeter Park]


Go here for more information about food co-ops, buying local produce, or a C.S.A. share.

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