It's Christmas time and it's time to pull out all your favorite Christmas movies to get you in the spirit of the holiday. Now before you start arguing if Die Hard is a Christmas is by the way....we're talking about movies that were filmed or depict a Christmas in New York. Here are my favorites.

"ELF" Of course, this holiday classic pretty much has to top anyone's list. Will Ferrell set a new higher bar for the holiday classic when this came out.

"Serendipity" is one of my absolute favorite RomComs that takes place during the holidays. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale are awesome together and the movie shows how beautiful New York is during the holiday.

"Home Alone 2" it's a fun holiday romp through New York City with everything from a bird lady in Central Park to an appearance by Donald Trump. It's a fun movie for the whole family.

"Scrooged" Bill Murrey is awesome in the modern....well modern for 1988...retelling of "A Christmas Carol". Look for some awesome craziness from Bobcat Goldthwait in this holiday classic.

"You've Got Mail" This movie stars two of America's I'm not talking about Dave Chappell. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan embody the perfect couple of the 90's. I'm pretty sure they did 137 movies together in the 90's and this is one of my favorites.

"Miracle On 34th Street" This was my favorite Chirstmas movie for the longest time...until "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" came out in 1989. So, it's my second favorite. Any movie that proves the existence of Santa by tricking the government is alright in my book. Only watch the classic...the remake is crap.

"When Harry Met Sally" Here's another one starring Meg Ryan. Although, the movie isn't really a Christmas movie, it revolves around Christmas and New Years Eve. Plus, it contains one of the funniest, most uncomfortable scenes shot in a deli...."I'll have what she's having."

"The Family Man" Nic Cage is a corporate hot shot that has an opportunity to get a glimps of what his life could have been if he had stayed with Tea Leoni. Don Cheadle is great in it too. It's not a movie most people think about at the holidays, but give it a shot. It's good.

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