If you smoke marijuana, and you can tell the difference between good stuff and not so good stuff, we found the perfect job for you.

American Marijuana as hiring a Cannabis Product Reviewer. The job pays $36,000 a year and you work from home.

Once a month they will send you a package of various cannabis products for you to try absolutely free. They're looking for an open and honest person to give reviews and opinions of the product by blogging on their website. You will also have to appear in videos while doing a review.

Does it sound too good to be true? Yes it does. But it is legit. To qualify for this job you will need to move out of New York or Pennsylvania. You must reside in a state where marijuana is legal.

So if you ever sat around getting stoned thinking to yourself, if there was only a way I could paid to do this, your dream job awaits.

Can you imagine if you get this job, and then you run into your guidance counselor from high school? There's no way they are going to believe you.

You can get more details on the job by clicking here.

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