It takes a lot of stuff when you head out the door to grab some items at the store. Keys, phone, wallet, mask, and now you'll need a reusable bag.  New York's plastic bag ban is back in effect.

The ban on single use plastic bags was originally slated to go into effect on March 1, but a series of lawsuits delayed implementation. Then COVID-19 hit, and no one wanted to handle used bags. Finally, in August the New York State Supreme Court upheld most of the regulations in the law. Today the DEC will begin enforcing the law and the regulations

As the law currently reads, "any person required to collect tax" must not distribute any plastic carryout bags to its customers unless such bags are exempt bags as provided for in the Bag Waste Reduction Law.  Pharmacy bags used to carry prescription drugs, and produce bags for fruits and vegetables are still allowed. And while most stores may offer paper alternatives at a price, they aren't required to, which means you could end being forced to purchase a reusable bag.

The law is being enforced even though the NY Post reports another lawsuit has been filed. This one is again by retailers who claim changes to the law have made it to confusing for them and some parts of the law are illegal. Read more on the lawsuit. More info on the law and what bags are legal to use at the DEC's website.

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