With the upcoming school year already being hectic and crazy enough with the coronavirus, one Remsen Elementary School third grade teacher is looking to keep some consistency with students.

Each year in the beginning of August, it’s tradition for Mrs. Alyssa Losowski to start mapping out the upcoming school year. This year, more than ever, Mrs. Losowski feels it's important to promote reading and to create moments of joy around reading. Reading is the perfect escape from our crazy world right now.

Three years ago she started what was called the “Monthly Book Club” in her classroom.

Each year since, this project has been fully funded by the generosity of my family, friends and complete strangers. Last year, donations from friends and family bought my students AND the other section of third grade a book each month. That’s almost 400 books purchased for students in the 2019-20 school year."

This year, Mrs. Losowski would love to help as many students and teachers in the Remsen school district be able to participate in the program. To sponsor a child, it is only $10. Would you be interested in “sponsoring” a child in this classroom, or in the Remsen school building?

You can send donations to the following school address:

Remsen Elementary School
Attn: Alyssa Losowski
9733 Main Street
PO Box 406
Remsen, NY 13438

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