Would it shock you to know that ice cream sundaes actually were invented right here in the Empire State? If you answered yes, then be shocked.

There is no doubt you have had one, who hasn't? Ice cream sundaes are such a popular option for many ice cream stands all across Central New York and the United States as a whole. One man is to thank for that, Chester Platt. Platt was an owner of a pharmacy in the late 19th century and the way he came to creating this dish was quite interesting.

Ice cream sundaes actually have a religious tie. Odd to think about right? According to Thoughtco, Platt regularly would serve his reverend this dish before it ever became a staple. The dish was served to him on a Sunday, so originally the dish was called just that, a Sunday. Eventually, the name was changed to Sundae to avoid offending anyone.

In 1893 when Platt created the dish, it went by the name Cherry Sunday due to the cherry on top and was quite simplistic by today's standard. At the time it was just vanilla ice cream, syrup (assumedly chocolate), and a cherry on top. While there may be other claims to how the ice cream sundae originated, the Ithaca pharmacist Chester Platt seems to have the most legitimate story as there are advertisements to prove his claim.

When Platt & Colts Drugstore began selling them, they cost a mere $0.10 cents. My how times have changed.

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