Just kidding. Governor Cuomo has decided that his plan to require New Yorkers to replace their license plates isn't moving ahead as planned.

The plan would have required anyone with older license plates to replace them with newly-designed plates at a cost of $25 - even if the old plates were in good condition.

Residents had even had the chance to vote on the design of the new plates - and settled on one that featured elements of both upstate and downstate New York. Nevermind. It isn't happening, according to a statement from a Cuomo adviser.

“As the DMV commissioner said weeks ago, this proposal isn’t going forward as we have committed to working with the Legislature to create a plan that ensures plates are readable by law enforcement and cashless tolling systems and creates a process where plates older than 10 years are inspected and, if still readable, can be kept," Rich Azzopardi, Cuomo's senior adviser and spokesman, said in a statement.

Or, it could be that a Siena Poll found that a majority of New Yorkers weren't a fan of the plan, with nearly 75% stating they found the $25 fee unfair.

Either way - plan on keeping your plates. For now.


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