Utica is the land of the riggies, and if you're looking for a way to spice up your riggie routine, you'll want to check out this recipe from a college student right here in New York.

Cornell University student Jeremy Scheck is all about food, and with 1.7 million followers on TikTok, he has a pretty great way to share his recipes with the world. When it comes to rigatoni, especially in Central New York, there's almost an overload of different recipes, but something about Scheck's caught the attention of foodies everywhere, and let's be honest: It looks to-die-for.

Scheck debuted his spicy rigatoni on TikTok in July, sharing the written recipe on his website, Collegetown Kitchen. Combining a mix of simple ingredients along with a variety of delectable flavors and spices, Scheck's recipe gained massive attention on the app and even made its way to Buzzfeed, where staff writer Farrah Penn wrote that she "was practically drooling over [the pasta] by the time [she] finished."

Thanks to Scheck's beautifully-shot videos, you can cook along as he explains his recipe and best practices for making this Utica-style dish. And who knows, you may have just discovered a new meal to add to your cooking rotation. Happy cooking!

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