After 47 years in business, come December 31, Peter Henrici is closing the doors of Cooperstown's iconic memorabilia storefront - Baseball Nostalgia located inside the Doubleday Court.

During my 45 years living in the Cooperstown area, Baseball Nostalgia was always there to walk in, and gaze at all the collectibles.  Cards, yearbooks, photographs, t-shirts, posters, whatever I was looking to add to my baseball collection, I was never disappointed in the selection.  First, Baseball Nostalgia was located adjacent to the Doubleday Batting Range at 125 Main Street.  In recent years, Henrici moved his business across the parking lot to 4 Doubleday Court.

Originally from New Jersey, Henrici was part of the corporate team that opened Baseball Nostalgia in 1974.  Coming to Cooperstown, full-time, didn't take much coaxing for Henrici to make the move.

"I liked the weather and the people," said Henrici during a recent telephone conversation.  "I went to SUCO and earned my masters, and then taught (Cooperstown Central School District) for 38 years."

Inventory that remains after December 31 will be placed in storage, and later offered online through a yet to be launched website of Baseball Nostalgia.

"It's going to be a big switch for me," says Henrici of no longer having in-person contact with his customers.  "But, it's time to go."

Now that he will have more flexible work hours, this coming July, Henrici is eager to attend his very first Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies.

"Now, I'll have a chance to see things differently. I live in town, and I'm going to enjoy the weekend," declares Henrici.

When Henrici opened Baseball Nostalgia, collecting cards was a hobby, as opposed to many of  today's enthusiasts seeing them as investments.  When pressed for his jewel of private collection, Henrici tells of having an autographed T205 tobacco card of third baseman Eddie Grant issued in 1911.  Grant was one of a few major league players who was killed in World War I.  As a member of the New York Giants, when going off to war, the team placed a monument in center field of the Polo Grounds in his memory.

Although growing up in New Jersey, Henrici is a Detroit Tigers fan.  After attending his first ball game in 1959 at Yankee Stadium (New York hosting the Tigers), Detroit has been his favorite club to follow.

Kristine Bellino, WIBX

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