You've trained for this moment your entire career coffee warriors. In the Utica, Rome, and Syracuse areas, a research group is conducting a two week study on coffee drinkers.

The study could pay you $700 for drinking whole bean coffee. Broad Focus Clinical is looking for Syracuse coffee drinkers to take part in a two week study to determine the positive health effects of consuming whole bean coffee:

New research being done on whole coffee bean is being conducted. When consumed in conjunction with the rest of the coffee bean, the negative effects of caffeine may be modulated by the other organic compounds found naturally in the coffee bean. New research suggests that coffee may have an overall beneficial effect on health. A clinical study to determine the healthy effects of drinking whole bean coffee. Coffee drinkers and coffee abstainers are welcome to participate."

The duration of the study is 14 days. Part of that two weeks, you will have to have two clinical visits. If you receive this position you could get paid $700.

All individuals are encouraged to participate. Coffee drinkers and non coffee drinkers are accepted. Applicants with heart disorders or taking blood thinners may not be accepted."

You can learn more here.

Coffee Not Your Thing? What About A Acne/Pimples Clinical Study?

Broad Focus Clinical is developing a new method for reducing the amount of acne that occurs in people. They have a new approach that does not involve and drugs or medication, and is considered to be a topical procedure.

Participants will mostly be unsupervised during the clinical trial. Participants are expected to follow the procedure. Notes will be taken in daily journal format by the participants, and photos will be taken by the participant on the same day, every week, for the duration of the study.

If you would like to become a participant, read more here.

Townsquare Townie Awards 2021

The Townsquare Utica/Rome Townie Awards 2021 are our way of honoring some of the local businesses that help define the unique character of the Central New York region. We hope you enjoy this eclectic list of some of the people, places, and things that we love about CNY.

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