This past February, the Clinton Girls Varsity Hockey Team won the State Championship title at Herb Brooks Arena in Lake Placid. This year the team could use your help.

This Clinton team is made of up girls from all different school districts in our Central New York area since they are the only local High School girls team. Even though they are a high school sport, we are not funded by the schools. Each year, it is on the girls team to raise $25,000 to support the costs of their season (ice time, officials, uniforms, transportation, etc.). This is done through fundraisers, parent donations and many of our local businesses and community members making donations to our team.

Coach Rudy tells us that after the Clinton girls won the state championship title, they were planning on purchasing championship rings. However, COVID-19 threw a wrench in that plan.

It has been very difficult to arrange the many fundraisers it would take to raise money to purchase the rings for the girls. And since our parents already spend so much of their own money to support our season each year, we really want to raise the funds needed so that these rings can be given to each player.

They are currently asking for a donation of $5 on GoFundMe.

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If everyone shares this page and makes that small donation, I know we can achieve our goal to purchase rings for the our very own state champions!

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