Well, that's one way to find out! A New York student-athlete stepped out of class this week to a huge surprise.

Freshman Noah Beck was sitting in class at Clarkson University when he started getting an onslaught of phone calls left and right. Beck stepped into the hallway, where he received some pretty life-changing news: The St. Louis Blues, Missouri's NHL team, had just drafted him.

"Shut up. Shut up," Beck said on the phone once he got into the hallway, in disbelief as his roommate recorded. "No way.... I just got a couple calls and my roommate's video-recording me right now.... That's awesome. Thank you."

Clarkson's Athletic Department shared Beck's accomplishments on its Instagram page, noting that the defenseman was the 194th pick in the NHL draft. They also took a moment to jokingly poke a little bit of fun at Beck for stepping out of class to take the call.

"Congrats, now get back in class!" Clarkson Athletics posted.

Beck is originally from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and committed to play hockey as a Clarkson Golden Knight in January of 2019. According to Clarkson Athletics, he is now the second Golden Knight to be drafted by the Blues, following Paul Karpowich in 2008, and the 83rd Clarkson player to be selected in the NHL Entry Draft.

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