Just a word of warning as you make your way into the Chipotle location on Commercial Drive in New Hartford or Erie Boulevard in Syracuse: They're onto you.

If you've been in the habit of using the popular hack of ordering a burrito...except "hold the shell," in order to get more of the stuff that goes INTO the burrito, Chipotle is now going to be charging you for that. Because they realized we were trying to get something for free. Apparently, we can't have that.  And neither can Chipotle.

Here's how the deal USED to go down: Chipotle fans would confidently order a burrito bowl with all the fixings of their choice, then request a tortilla on the side that would always come free of charge. More bang for the buck, because burrito bowls contain more food than a burrito.

Hacks like this--or the idea of asking for your drive-thru fast food soda WITHOUT ICE, so you get more liquid--are always making the rounds on Twitter or viral Reddit threads.

Bottom line at Chipotle: that extra tortilla will now cost 25 cents. The folks at Delish who reported this are taking the high road:

we can just consider this small charge as our way to repay Chipotle for sharing their guac, chips, rice, and corn salsa recipes with us. I guess we're even.

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