A new Chick-fil-A restaurant has been proposed in the town of DeWitt, which brings the total up to three for Onondaga County. Why can't we get one in Oneida County?

Seriously, 3....none for Oneida.

According to Syracuse.com, The Chick-fil-A would be at the corner of Erie Boulevard East and Bridge Street, on the site of the former Uncle’s Sam nightclub. The proposal still has to be approved by the town of DeWitt.

Developer Grazi Zazzara bought the building in 2008, and had indicated he wanted to develop the site for retail or a restaurant. Zazzara is now proposing the Chick-fil-A on the site, along with another structure targeted for smaller retail spaces behind the proposed restaurant, said Andrew Worden, director of planning and development for the town of DeWitt."

This Chick-fil-A is proposed to have drive-thrus on three sides. So far, this is what may be holding up the approval for DeWitt planners.

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So let's review- The first Chick-fil-A in Onondaga County opened in Cicero in February 2018. Another Chick-fil-A in Clay is under construction, but it already has its own Facebook page and has begun accepting applications to work at the location.


You mean to tell us, there isn't space on Commercial Drive in New Hartford? There isn't a place in Rome that is a good place on either Erie Blvd or Black River Blvd? There isn't space in Utica?

This would literally take off ANYWHERE in Oneida County. People drive across the county for it now, why not cut out the middle man and put it here?

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