It's popular to go to a haunted house and get scared for fun during the month of October. It's certainly not associated with a chore like going to the car wash...or, at least not anymore!

The Rainforest Car Wash is located in Brunswick, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland). They got the ultra-creative idea of turning their car wash into a haunted attraction.

The scare actors at the car wash have two purposes: wiping down the cars and scaring the customers.

"We have people in various positions throughout the tunnel peeling soap away, scaring people, we have various props and scenes set up," one of the employees said.

If you want to ride through the haunted car wash, it'll cost you $20, which doesn't seem like too bad a price to get a haunted attraction and get your car cleaned.

Brunswick is a three-hour drive from Buffalo, so if you have to venture down there make sure to stop at this car wash before Halloween!

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