National Grid and A Tiny Home for Good have teamed up to tackle homelessness in Central New York, starting with solar-powered tiny homes.

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According to National Grid, they will provide funding for the construction of the tiny homes which will be built and managed by A Tiny Home for Good. The homes are currently being built and will be rented to individuals in need at an affordable rate. The tiny homes are being built on vacant lots on Rich Street in Syracuse.

The homes will be tiny enough that the installed solar panels will provide almost all the power for the homes. The only thing that the solar panels wouldn't cover is heating, which would be provided by electric heaters or heat pumps and should the solar panel produce more energy than expected, it would keep heating costs down as well.

Alberto Bianchetti, regional director of customer and community engagement for National Grid, said "Just as no one should go hungry, no one should be without a roof over their head. National Grid, through our Project C initiative, is proud to support A Tiny Home for Good and its innovative approach to getting people off the streets and into homes that are safe and affordable."

It's an innovative approach that shouldn't even be necessary. A story by Smiljanic Stasha on Policy Advice estimated that there are approximately 552,830 homeless people in America. And according to another story by Sam M. Huisache of Anytime Estimate, there are more than 16 million vacant housing units in America. As far as easy math goes, there should be a better way to all but eradicate homelessness in America but for now, solar-powered tiny homes will help some people who really need it.

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