When Tom Hanks broke down recently while accepting a Golden Globe award, he probably had no knowledge of the impact it had on average guys everywhere.

As the famous actor was on stage receiving the Cecil B. deMille trophy for lifetime achievement, his turn at the microphone (on NBC below) was filled with emotion. Initially, he apologized for a cold he was suffering. He stuttered and coughed slightly with a hoarse voice. Then, he choked on his own words as he tried to express love and gratitude for his wife Rita Wilson and his entire family. It was as powerful a scene as Hanks has delivered during his notable career.

The moment wasn't lost on my wife and radio co-host. She speculated that we could all learn a thing or two from the actor's behavior. And she was right.

She challenged me to aspire to his level, and even suggested I adopt HER suggestions for MY New Year's Resolutions--better communication, more romance, greater displays of emotion.

Damn you, Tom Hanks.

Not only have I admired him for his success and apparent humility, but now I have to hate him for raising the bar for all of us.

Joking, of course.

We COULD learn a thing or two from the man who played Forrest Gump and Mister Rogers. The raw emotion from Hanks was something many of we modern males have a tough time showing to the world. After all, we're raised to be tough guys.

Of course, one could ask the skeptical questions: Was it genuine? Is anything in Hollywood real?

I guess it doesn't really matter. It certainly wasn't scripted. And it wasn't some cheap role for the two-time Oscar winner, who's been married to Rita Wilson for more than 30 years.

It's ironic that some people falsely believed the real Fred Rogers was a fake, just as some might suspect Tom Hanks isn't really as nice as he seems. I guess the only important consideration is that we can ALL try to be as loving, as grateful, and as humble as both have appeared to be. Attaining even a fraction of that mixture would be a major victory.

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