Dude, you have been cooped up for a year now. The pandemic has all of us on edge and even as the mandates start to ease, you still have that angst and it needs to come out! Have I found some places for you!

Here are a few spots for you to check out and break stuff!

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Generally the way this works is, you purchase a certain amount of time and a certain amount of items to smash. They provide the room, the junk and weapons of destruction. What sets Break Bar apart is that the room you are hangin' in IS the smash room. Done with your drink? Throw it at the wall!

Break Bar is fun and cathartic. There is something about hearing the glass pop as it hits the wall that makes it satisfying. - Break Bar Customer

Here is a look inside of Break Bar and other famous and infamous bars.

Bizarre Bars

If you are looking for the unique and unusual bars and restaurants, we found them for you.

The Roxbury, Roxbury, NY

The Roxbury is a one-of-a-kind destination to escape the real world and lose yourself in one of the elaborate theme-rooms, suites, and cottages.

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