As we get into the Holiday spirit, you might get sick and tired of hearing the same holiday songs over and over.

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Well, three talented Western New York decided to change things up and write and produce a Christmas song about Buffalo.

“A Buffalo Christmas” is a holiday song written by cousins Jay and Mark Desiderio, and recorded by Derek Higgins, and was first released in 2005.

All three guys are from Western New York and used their personal experience about Christmas here in the Queen City to make this song really stand out.

One of the big things the song hits on is the draw for people who grew up here in Western New York to come back to the area during the Holiday season if they moved away.

I know that when I lived all over the country, we would make our yearly visit back home to Buffalo around Christmas because this area is so magical around this time.

From skiing and snowboarding down in the Southern Tier, to sledding at Como Park to ice skating at Canalside, there is something for everyone to love about being in Buffalo during the Christmas season.

The guys even have a slideshow that goes along with the song on YouTube. Check it out.

Of course, being in Western New York any time of the year is a good thing, being here in the 716 during Christmas with the snow falling, the Bills winning, and the Tom and Jerry's flowing, Buffalo is the perfect city to spend Christmas in.

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