I've seen enough football over some 25 years of NFL fandom to know those sick of seeing Tom Brady and the Patriots winning Super Bowls are about to get some variety.

Or, at least it won't be New England every year. And, maybe not for a while.

I know we've all heard this before - primarily in the last 2-3 years from football experts saying Brady is too old, he can't lead New England to the promised land anymore, and the dynasty is done.

Now, after nine Super Bowl appearances (including the last 3 straight) and six championships, I finally agree that he is too old.

The reason: Brady's deteriorating skills are becoming apparent. Does he ever 'air it out?' He throws so many 5-7 yard passes it's becoming reminiscent of the Jets' offense. Dink and dunk and dink and dunk. Don't get me wrong, New England's system was good enough to get it done this year, but I think there's a developing blueprint on how to significantly impeded the Pats' offense, especially now. There certainly should be.

He's jittery under any kind of pressure. Sometimes he looks like Eli Manning - who routinely spikes the ball into the turf in a feeble effort to dump off to a running back.

Have you watched a Brady out-route these playoffs? It's like the ball is moving in slow motion - part of the reason he threw more interceptions that touchdowns in these playoffs.

Again, he and the Pats were good enough to get it done in 2018 and in Super Bowl 53. But consider part of his success is directly tied to his two most reliable options: Rob Gronkowski (when he isn't injured) and miracle worker Julian Edleman - who will be 33 next season and who has been taking beatings at the position for years.

In fact there are reports out today, just hours after the Super Bowl 53 triumph, that Gronkowski could barely walk following the win and that he's going to take a few weeks to decide his future.

The writing is on the wall: Gronk is going, going, gone. Edelman takes too much punishment to do this much longer - or at least as TB's go-to-guy - and Brady himself is showing noticeable ware.

I'm not saying Brady will turn into Mark Sanchez this offseason, but the seasons of TB12 throwing for 25 TDs, 4000 yards and a Lombardi Trophy have come and gone.

He's the GOAT as they say. Can't deny it. But his reign is over.



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