A bison rammed a child hanging out of a vehicle at The Wild Drive-Thru Safari. The park says the child was not injured.

The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango is hosting a drive-thru safari, allowing cars to travel through the park, getting a look at some of the park's animals as they roam the grounds.

The safari turned scary for one family as a bison appears to approach their vehicle, and then ram a child hanging out of the vehicle's rear window. The video, shared by Michael Benny of CNY Central - WTVH, was filmed by a visitor in another vehicle.

We reached out to The Wild, and a representative says they "have strict rules to keep your body inside your car at all times and every car gets the rules individually relayed to them." The Wild says "out of respect for the family" they're limiting their remarks on the situation.

The park is aware of the incident, and says they assisted the family as they exited the safari, and the child "didn’t seem injured from what (they) could tell. We take public safety very seriously."

The bison in the video has been relocated and is no longer part of the safari.

The Wild Animal Park was recently sued by the Town of Sullivan over the safari, for operating without the appropriate permits, and for violating zoning. Since then, the park and town have come to an agreement allowing the safari to continue to operate.

The safari is open 7 days a week, from 9am - 5pm.

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