Forget the miles of lights, inflatables, and Christmas trees. Sometimes the best holiday displays are the simple ones. Like the tribute to A Christmas Story that will make you look twice.

There's a child with his tongue stuck to a pole on the front lawn of a home in Westmoreland, taken right out of the Christmas Story movie. I'm guessing someone must have done a triple-dog-dare.

The holiday display looks so real, you'll need a second glance. Or at least a closer one.


If by some chance you've been triple dog dared and manage to get your tongue stuck to a metal pole, there are a few easy ways to get unstuck. Warm the pole around your stuck tongue with your hands or have someone pour warm (not hot) water over the tongue and pole. But by now, you'd think most people would know better.

Leg Lamp Too

You can see the Christmas Story display at the corner of Stop 7 Road and Stone Road in Westmoreland. Be sure to check out the leg lamp in the window.


Red Ryder BB Gun?

The only thing missing at the Christmas Story holiday display was the Red Ryder BB gun. Maybe the homeowners thought someone would shoot their eye out. Or maybe they have it in the house to shoot people who trespass on their porch to take a closer picture.

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