There was a poll done recently and named the top five donuts in the state. Here are the top five donuts in order.

# 5. Ried's Food Barn

Located just ten miles from Pennsylvania border about a 90 minutes drive from Buffalo. You could say it's out in the middle of nowhere and you would be a little right. However, this donut maker is just around the corner from St. Bonaventure University. Reid's is a grocery store with a well-stocked bakery department and a reputation for frying some tasty donuts.

Address: 111 E. Greene St. Olean

# 4. South Dayton Supermarket

This little village is in South Dayton population 620 and home to a Grocery Store that double's as the village's only gas station. There is a sizeable Amish population and that prompted the store to erect a small horse barn in the parking lot. Small but mighty, this location is home to the number Four donut in the top five.

Address: 303 Pine Street. South Dayton

# 3. Dunn's Bakery

Dunn's has been in business awhile 189 years to be exact. Opened in 1928 in the Oneida County town of North Bay. They eventually moved the bakery to Old Forge and finally to Canastota in 1939 and they have been in their present location on South Peterboro Street since 1966. Yes, they make one fine donut.

Address: 144 S. Peterboro St. Canastota

# 2. Glazed & Confused

When you enter the shop you're given a free cinnamon sugar donut to eat while you shop for more donuts. This donut shop is a smash hit that opened in November and got their start in 2016 at the Taste of Syracuse selling $1 Pig Donuts, the name says it all.

Address: 211 N. Clinton, Syracuse

# 1.  Cider Belly Donuts

Cider Belly Donuts has been frying its apple cider donuts in downtown Albany and drawing customers from Dunkin Donuts less than one block away since 2014. The difference is Cide Belly makes cake donuts from a batter that's dropped in rings into the hot oil. Unlike yeast donuts, cake donuts don't require a proofing period and can be made in minutes rather than hours.

Address: 25 N. Pearl St. Albany


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