Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and according to the latest video that is breaking the internet, it is just not a human thing.

A video of a mama bear trying to get her cubs across a busy street has gone viral. If you have kids you know at times that they can be very frustrating. They don't listen, they do what they want to do, and if you have more than one it can drive you crazy trying to get them all in one place together.

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Parents all over the world are feeling the pain of this mama bear who is just trying to get her cubs across the street safely. These cubs, like all kids, had a different thought in mind and the poor mama was doing all she could to keep her cool and get the kids across the street.

The video remains me of the day my son Avry, who is now 17, was around 2 years old and we were shopping at Walmart. He was running all over the place, wouldn't listen and finally, when I got him into the cart he had a major meltdown.

I could feel the eyes of all the other shoppers on me as I tried to move as quickly from the back of the store to the front and get out with a kid who was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Lucky for me, there were some other parents there and I got the "we feel for you" look as I ran out of the store.

I think all parents will have the "we feel for you" look after watching this video.

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