If you want to know the best pizzas in the world, you know the rule- One bite. Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, has been spotted in Syracuse and Utica to review some of Central New York’s most famous pizzas. Find out what he ranked Utica as:

According to O’scugnizzo on Facebook, he made the trip to Utica to try one of New York State's oldest pizzerias. We are talking about a legend sampling a legend:

FOR THE LOVE OF PIZZA look who made an appearance at O’scugnizzo tonight! David Portnoy - El Presidente Barstool Sports 🍕 Thanks so much for stopping by!!!"

We can't wait to see his reaction eating an Upside Down Pizza. This author bets he takes more than one bite. Vincent Turczyn commented and probably said it best: "About time he came to get the best pizza around."

According to O'scugnizzo, Dave gave our classic dish a 8.1 rating and a thumbs up! Amazing news.

Nina's Pizza via Facebook
Nina's Pizza via Facebook

He also stopped at Nina's Pizza in Utica. According to Johnny there, he either gave a 7.3 for the pizza, and a 8.7 for the watermelon.

Dave made the trip to Slice too:

New York Upstate reports that he was also spotted at Apizza Regionale, Francesca’s Pizza and Italian Kitchen and Varsity Pizza, all in Syracuse.

What once was a trend that began near the Barstool Offices in New York City now has Portnoy traveling far and wide in search of the best slice."

According to CNY Central, Varsity Pizza got a 6.5 rating out of 10, where Dave actually called it “typical college pizza.” Portnoy also stopped at Purple Banana, rating their smoothie bowls 10 out of 10.

Portnoy isn’t new to the Syracuse area and bar scene. Back in 2021, the oldest bar in Syracuse’s Armory Square was once in danger of closing for good amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Mulrooney’s was given a lifeline by the Barstool Fund.

Where else will Portnoy visit in Central New York, The Mohawk Valley, and Upstate New York? Text us your predictions on our station app now!

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