I was taking a look at alcohol.org and they have a study on American drinking habits during the COVID-19 stay at home order.

People can’t go anywhere because everything is closed, so a lot of people have turned to the bottle to keep them comfortable during this time. I’m not judging at least they aren’t drinking and driving.

The survey says; 38% of New Yorkers are drinking, during the stay at home period. I’m sure some of this drinking is during the workday while working remotely. This is the group chat topic for today are you drinking during the workday?

Over 1 in 3 say they are likely to drink more alcohol in isolation. While I said I’m not judging, I don’t think its a good idea, under these situations to drink your life away. First off it weakens your immune system.  I know a couple of women that stockpiled wine and have been going crazy over the past couple of weeks. Just taking baths and drinking wine ALL DAY!  One of my friends has a bar in his house and has been inviting women from tinder over to quarantine and chill.  That is not worth the risk, the coronavirus isn't the only disease he should worry about catching.

If you weren’t drinking at 10 am last month, then you probably shouldn’t allow COVID-19 to allow you to increase the drinking. Most people who aren’t in service-based industries are working remotely, so is it okay to drink on the job while you are at home?

In Hawaii, 67% of the people are drinking while working remotely. The survey only asked 3000 people, but I’m interested to see if your drinking on the job “remotely”.

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