We've got a lot of pride here in the Mohawk Valley, especially when it comes to our food specialties. We've got halfmoon cookies, Utica greens, chicken riggies, and of course...upside-down pizza.

But now, an eatery in the Capital District's city of Troy is trying to steal our thunder, according to a piece in OnlyInYourState.com. The website says Red Front Pizzeria, on the corner of Division and Church Streets in Troy is "a delicious pizza spot within the Capital Region that you'll wish you had gotten a taste of sooner." The reason why? A special type of pizza where the ingredients are upside-down. Oh, REALLY?

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Now wait just a minute...WE'RE famous for that. O'Scugnizzo Pizzeria pioneered upside-down pizza LONG before Red Front. Here's a quick check of the stats:

  • Red Front founded in 1956
  • O'Scugnizzo founded in 1914

That's a 42-year difference. In fact, O'Scugnizzo is the second-oldest pizzeria in the entire United States. I'm no mathematics whiz, but I'm pretty sure they staked their claim prior to Red Front.

Let me be clear: I'm not knocking this Capital District pizzeria. I'm sure they're wonderful folks and their food is probably delicious. But, please, let's not mess with history. Capiche? I know some people....

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