I want to preface all of this with one statement. This pizza place has some of the most tremendous hype I have ever heard.

First off, I don't want you to begin reading this thinking that I hate O'Scugnizzo now. Quite the contrary to be honest. I went into the entire experience thinking there is no way this pizza can end up as good as every single soul says it is. But it in fact was incredible. I want to use the term the good, the bad, and the ugly, but that term doesn't fit because there truly is no ugly.

Let's start off with what I adored about Utica's staple pizza joint. That crust, that is what dough dreams are made of. To be able to have a pizza with a crust that has such a crisp is amazing. I thought the sauce was if not the best, one of the top sauces I have ever tried.

Onto the bad things, and maybe I am nitpicking. Okay, when I went to grub hub I selected mozzarella and pepperoni, and yes, I did get what I ordered. I wasn't expecting two things that I received. The pepperoni was underneath everything and the first thing to be piled on the dough. That's cool I suppose, it would have helped if I knew this was going to be an upside-down pie. I knew they are famous for that, I just assumed that wasn't the only way they prepared pizza.

The other negative is the same for almost any upside-down pie I am noticing, you must, must, must eat the entire pizza while warm. Once it cools down the cheese isn't melty and gooey like one would like. All in all, I quite enjoyed O'Scugnizzo and understand now everyone's love. But man, some somewhat crispy pepperoni would have been nice.

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