And that's not just our word. A LOT of people will back us up when we say this is the best place to get pizza in the area.

Granted, everyone has their own preference when it comes to pizza - Some like it a little more saucy, some like more cheese, some prefer a sauce that has more spice, while others like it a little sweeter. Hey, it's pizza, it's hard to make a bad one, right??

Anyway, before we get too off-topic here, New York Upstate has named the best pizza shop in every county of our state in their "62 Pizza Shops You Should Visit in New York, 1 for Each County" article.

Before we even tell you what was named for Oneida County, we're sure you can guess what it is. It gets a LOT of attention - Everyone knows about this place.

Need another hint??

You'll find it in Utica. Right on Bleecker Street.

Alright, you GOTTA know what we're talking about (and what New York Upstate is talking about) - O'Scugnizzo! Everyone knows O'Scugnizzo. New York Upstate says the best pizza to get at O'Scugnizzo is the tomato pie because it's historic. But we're sure you already know that - And we're sure you've already had O'Scugnizzo pizza.

BUT... If for some chance you haven't yet, or you know someone who hasn't had pizza from O'Scugnizzo, let this just be a reminder that you have to. At least at some point. It's almost like a rite of passage.

All this pizza talk has us hungry. Anyone up for some tomato pie from O'Scugnizzo??



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