has the latest stats on each state's favorite NFL team. And there are some surprises for New York football fans.

In determining the fave NFL squad in every state, The Active Times went to the folks at Vivid Seats, the online ticker seller, which broke down 2019 regular season ticket orders on a state-by-state basis, including Washington, D.C. First for the Garden State of New Jersey:

Sure, the team is named the New York Jets, but it plays its games in New Jersey. OK, so the Giants do too, but New Jersey has spoken and it’s Jets territory.

As for the state of New York, here's the verdict:

New York has a leg up on great game day food as the home of the best Buffalo wings in America. It’s also home to the Buffalo Bills, the state’s favorite team.

The New York Giants, one of the original NFL teams, are on the outs--in the state where they began AND in the state where they've been playing home games since 1976. Indeed, the Jets have outdrawn the Giants for the past four seasons at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium. Hey, at least it's no longer called "Giants Stadium." That might add insult to injury.

The Jets are also the most popular team in Connecticut, even though the Giants played home games THERE, at the Yale Bowl, in 1973 and 1974. So, for now, the Giants aren't ANY state's favorite team.

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