Fair weather. Pink-hat. Bandwagon.

You know the names, you know the person. They haven't "been there" or "done that" with your team. They haven't been through the tough times to truly appreciate the good ones. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. They're there simply to bask in the glory of the good times. They are the barnacle on the hull of your sports happiness.

Recently, I've seen this phenomenon become more popular with the Buffalo Bills. As a New York Giants fan from New England, I've had countless opportunities to join the dark side, and root for the seductress from the north, the New England Patriots. I've stayed true to the blue, however, while some others haven't been quite as strong.

A number of Big Blue fans, as well as Gang Green supporters, have flocked to Buffalo over the past five years or so. If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from "Bandwagon Mafia Syndrome" with the Buffalo Bills, here are ten warning signs to watch out for.

Telling The True Bills Mafia Fans, and the Fake Ones, Apart

The Buffalo Bills bandwagon is getting a bit too crowded for my liking. If you're not sure how committed the Bills fan in your life is, here's the test you need to run.

Take a Look at Kevin Huerter's Brand New Impact Athletic Center in Halfmoon!

104.5 The Team has an exclusive look inside the new Impact Athletic Center in Halfmoon, NY, as Atlanta Hawks' guard Kevin Huerter and his group are heading up an effort to bring a state-of-the-art training facility to the Capital Region.

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