The 2018 Rockefeller Christmas tree has been chosen and it'll be on it's way to New York City November 10th.

This year's tree in Rockefeller Center comes from a farm in Newburgh, New York, near the corner of Route 32 and Fostertown Road. It'll be cut down November 8th, according to the Times Herald Record.

The annual tree lighting ceremony will be Wednesday, November 28th with live performances in Rockefeller Plaza.

The tree will stay lit until 9pm January 7, 2019. Then it'll be milled into lumber for use in Habitat for Humanity homes, like it has for the last decade. The tree makes 100 boards that are stamped with a tree symbol and the year it was in Rockefeller Center.

Ironically the 2015 Rockefeller tree, that came from Gardiner, New York, ended up in a home in Newburgh.

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