A woman has been charged with throwing a cat out of a car window at Steven-Swans Humane Society.

WKTV reports a Utica woman was charged with animal cruelty in connection to the cat that was thrown from a car window at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society.

On April 17, the CNY SPCA, acting on a tip call to the humane society, arrested 25-year-old Rebecca Sanders of Utica. Sanders was charged with misdemeanor abandonment of an animal, and released on an appearance ticket where she must report back to the town of Deerfield court on May 14. [WKTV]

photo credit: Stevens Swan Humane Society
photo credit: Stevens-Swan Humane Society

On Sunday, March 31, a security camera at Stevens-Swan Humane Society (SSHS) captured a cat being tossed out of the passenger side of a dark blue or black Ford sedan. They named the cat 'Landon' and thankfully he was uninjured and has been adopted from the Humane Society.

Some think you need to pay a fee to surrender your pet. If you find yourself in a position where you can no longer take care of your pets properly, you can turn them into Stevens-Swan Humane Society for free. They'll ask if you can make a small donation, but if you can't, it's ok, they'll still take the animal.

It's in the animals best interest for the owner to surrender the pet instead of claiming it's a stray. If the pet is turned in as a stray, then there's a mandatory 5-day holding period. If the pet is turned in as a stray with a dog license tag, then the waiting period is increased 10 days. During that holding period, Stevens-Swan can't give the animal any veterinary care if it's sick or start the adoption process because they don't own the pet. It's so much harder on the animal.

You can turn your pet in without paying a fee, and it's much better for the animal if the owner tells the truth. Stevens-Swan understands that most surrenders are out of the pet parents control, but there's no need to make it harder on the animal because of the fear of being judged or humiliated. That will not happen at the Stevens-Swans Humane Society.

Stevens-Swan Humane Society is located at 5664 Horatio Street, Utica. Phone (315) 738-4357 Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 5 pm or Saturday 11 am - 4 pm.

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