We recently told you the story about the natural rock formation that became known as New York State's "Stonehenge," all due to the work of a determined and visionary artist. There's a new reason to go see it, as we continue to enjoy our relationship with nature during the pandemic restrictions.

Now, the quarry that was turned into a natural art masterpiece is offering cool picnicking on the weekends. Every Friday through September 4th and every Saturday through September 5th, you can book a reservation for a one-of-a-kind dining and drinking experience. Take that, COVID-19.

The Friday evening option: Pre-order a slot by noon, then go to Opus 40, pick a spot, throw down a blanket, and enjoy a feast of lobster rolls, lemon bars, and chilled wine--brought to you by the folks from an ale house in the Hudson Valley region.

The Saturday plan: It's a B.Y.O.F. situation, where you carry in your own feast, and enjoy various cocktails from a local tavern's master bartender.

Opus 40 is a large environmental sculpture carved out of a bluestone quarry. Created by Harvey Fite, a former professor of sculpture and theater at Bard College, the result is remarkable, as you can see in fabulous detail on the Opus 40 website.

What a spot to have a picnic, right?

Sounds like this might call for a little road trip. It's only about two hours from Utica. The physical address for your GPS device is 50 Fite Road in Saugerties. Here's a map to help get you there:

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

For more information, head to the Opus 40 events page on Facebook. See you there.

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