Now that the pandemic is hopefully nearing an end you have the opportunity to make an investment in the growth and progress we're already seeing in Utica and the surrounding areas. Three of the most historic and hottest bars on Varick Street are for sale and you won't believe all you'll get for the price.

Michelle and Steve Klosek have owned these buildings and the businesses inside of them for over two decades. You have Sickenberger, The Stiefvater Room and The Varick all for sale. Above The Stief and The Varick is a huge opportunity to develop the current apartments into gorgeous new loft spaces, maybe for future employees of The Wynn Hospital at Mohawk Valley Health System.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, people are flocking back to local establishments to dance, drink and party with their fellow Central New Yorker's. Sickenberger, is one of the hottest bars right now and has one of the longest lines on Varick Street Thursdays. The huge open outdoor space is great for dancing to the DJ or band playing at the outside venue. It also includes an outdoor deck space and an long indoor bar that reminds one of New Orleans.

The other two bars The Stief and The Varick are beautifully decorated and primed and ready for your takeover. One of the coolest features of The Varick is the Grandfathered in rule allowing indoor smoking. There is a separate room designed just for those who enjoy a cigar or cigarette. Keep the names or change it up, that's up to you if you become the new owners. Above The Stief and The Varick are apartments that admittedly need some love, but could potentially be morphed into gorgeous loft space living.

Finally, the old Paramount Music Building is up for grabs and while there is no active business in there now, the character is incredible and it even includes an old elevator shaft for when the building was owned by a video/arcade game business. The beautiful brick work is something to be desired. In addition, there is a small parking lot owned by the owners of the buildings when the streets are packed. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity, which just happens to be in an "opportunity zone." To find out more about purchasing these properties visit

Check out the amazing photos of these bars and buildings below.

You Can Buy These Bars and Their Buildings In Utica, NY

Three of the hottest and most historic bars in Utica, NY are for sale and the residential space above them is bursting with potential.

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