What would you do in this situation?

Dave and I were shopping at a grocery store that carries ready-to-eat foods, including soup. Dave and I were shopping separately in the ready-to-eat section, and we both thought we saw a woman dip the ladle into the hot soup, taste it, and then put the ladle back in the soup.

For at least a few minutes, we debated whether we had actually seen what we thought we did, and then talked about how gross it would be if that is what we saw.

Once we paid for our own groceries, and got in the car, we wondered if maybe we should have said something to the store manager.

We threw the question out on Facebook, and it turns out, you almost universally think we should have mentioned something - and many or you have had similar experiences.

Lynne says: "Yep tell the store.. yrs ago at Great American in Herkimer when I worked in the deli we had soup.. one old guy would come in and do that.. so we would watch him.."

Holly: "Yes! That happened at (a grocery store) in Rome! A customer used a disposable spoon to taste one of the soups and whatever he didn’t want off the spoon he dumped back into the pot! They had to throw the entire thing away."

Terry: "People are sick I saw a guy at (a convenience store) put relish on his hot dog then lick the spoon off and put it back in the relish."

Tammy: "YES!!! I was at Golden Coral (in the south) and i watched a kid about 12... Stick his fingers in the chocolate fountain... Lick them and do it again. That is gross!! Who knows what germs they may have.. Spit gets placed in the remainder.. Eewwww.
I made sure i told immediately. They stopped the fountain and had to wash everything."

So, I did call the grocery store. Their response: "I don't know what to tell you, ma'am."

Um, okay.

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