Someone told me over the weekend that the world's largest soap bottle was in Western New York. When you first hear something like that, you really can't help but laugh a little and go "what? (lol)".

But, it is true. The world's largest soap bottle was in Amherst over the weekend.

The world's largest bottle of soap was outside at the Wegmans in Amherst on Alberta Drive. The soap company Soapbox was in town to promote their brand and when you have something that holds a world record, it certainly has caused the attention that it wanted.

How tall is the world's largest soap bottle?

21 feet tall and weighs 2,500 pounds! Here is the strange part, though. At that amount of weight, you would think that the bottle was actually filled with soap. The bottle is not actually filled with soap. soapbox officials said that it would be really hard to travel with it, had it been filled. According to our friends over at WIVB:

But we do actually have the capability of shooting confetti from the top which we, unfortunately, cannot do today, but it is there. We did want to have a nickelodeon slime effect and people could go under there. And then we were like ‘how do we get them to shower afterward and then we were like ‘is it too far up where it actually might hurt someone?’ said David Simnick, CEO of Soapbox.

The bottle was debuted to the world here this weekend, but now it will travel from city to city.

EXTRA: What are some weird Buffalo, NY world records that people here hold? This one is just weird, but take a look at what this guy did!

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