It's been talked about for a few years now but the question is, will New York legalize marijuana in 2020?

New York legislators attempted to pass a bill aimed at legalization in 2019 but ultimately couldn't come to an agreement. Issues at play include disagreements over how retail sales should be handled and how much should be permitted to be grown at home. There's the question of how to provide justice for minority communities disproportionately affected by drug laws. There also needs to be protections in place for communities that would like to opt-out of its sale.

It's widely expected the Assembly and Senate will take another look at the issue next year. So far 11 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, joining the 33 states (including New York) that allow use for medicinal purposes.

Polls show that a majority of New Yorkers favor legalization, what's your take: will New York legalize marijuana in 2020?

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