There's nothing like waking up Christmas morning when you were a kid. Rushing to the Christmas tree to see what Santa left behind. A new bike. A gaming system or a Barbie dream house. But for some kids, Santa can't bring expensive gifts.

There's a post circulating on Facebook, encouraging parents to stop telling their kids that iPads, iPhones and $200 gifts are from Santa.

Some families can't afford expensive gifts. That leaves little kids wondering why they only get socks or hand me down toys from Santa when others get iPads. "This is the second year I've had a parent cry to me, telling me their kid asked if they weren't good enough or if Santa didn't like them as much," Megan Dunn wrote in a post from 2017 but applies for every Christmas.

Parents need to take credit for the expensive gifts. "Santa didn't buy that iPad. Mom or dad did. Leave the less expensive gifts from Santa and be blessed you can afford what others can not."

Honestly, I'm embarrassed to admit I'd never thought of it this way before. We were lucky as kids, waking up Christmas morning to usually everything we asked Santa for. The same can probably be said for our kids too.

Thank you Megan Dunn, whoever you are, for giving another perspective.

This year Santa will be bringing small gifts to put in our daughter's stocking. The ones left under the tree will be from mom and dad.

May we all remember the true meaning of the season this year.

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