This is a very creative business idea. And maybe something that Central New York entrepreneurs could consider?

Dancers at the Lucky Devil Lounge strip club in Oregon were left with no work after the establishment closed its doors as a social distancing measure. The owner of the club, Shon Boulden, decided to let his dancers begin a food delivery service. It started out as a joke but then gained a lot of interest on social media, and Boober Eats was launched. Here's a report from The Oregonian's YouTube page:

The club is offering its full menu (minus alcohol) for delivery. Boulden told The Oregonian he's delivering "food with a side of boobs." Once an order is placed with the club, two scantily clad dancers are assigned to the delivery. Regular customers have been requesting their favorite dancers.

The women, wearing "booty shorts and pasties," according to Boulden, drop off the food while keeping a safe distance, dance a little bit, then move on to their next delivery. The club's bouncers and bartenders are working shifts as security chaperones and switchboard operators.

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