The Covid-19 crisis has changed a lot of our basic habits, especially when it comes to consuming food.

Many of us in Central New York are ordering out, picking up, and using delivery services. Usage of Uber Eats has increased by 30% since mid-March, when the outbreak of the coronavirus was declared an emergency. Eateries have signed up for Uber Eats at 10 times the previous rates, the ride-sharing/delivery company told Fox News. The most popular food in New York State is a bit of a surprise.

Jerk chicken deliveries are leading in the Empire State, according to Uber. We checked Yelp for the top eateries offering jerk chicken in Central New York. They include Come Into Jamaica in Utica, Jamrock's Island Breeze in Herkimer, and in Syracuse--La Patria, Jerk Hut, and Mr. Bigg's.

And here are the most popular takeout items ordered with Uber Eats in some of the other United States during March:

  • Arizona: French fries
  • Connecticut: Burrito bowl
  • Florida: French fries
  • Georgia: Pad Thai
  • Hawaii: BBQ mixed plate
  • Illinois: French fries
  • Maryland: Egg, bacon and cheese
  • Massachusetts: Burrito
  • New Jersey: Chicken sandwich
  • North Carolina: Nachos
  • Oregon: Fried chicken
  • Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak
  • Rhode Island: Hot dog
  • South Carolina: French fries
  • Virginia: French fries
  • Washington: French fries

Do you believe jerk chicken is as popular as pizza here in CNY? Or, do you think these stats all come from downstate?

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