When was the last time you looked under those couch cushions of yours? Hm? Seriously, one month? A year? Longer?

I recently listed my couch and love seat online "Free to a Good Home" and within moments someone was wanting to come over and claim it. Being the person that I am, I made sure to spend a few minutes cleaning the exterior of the couch before they came to pick it up.

What I found under the cushions? A stray Tylenol tablet or two and what amassed to one cup of un-popped popcorn kernels. I am sure those kernels found their home over the course of many movies and not just one crazy marathon Mission Impossible movie mashup.

This led to Nick and I wondering what is the craziest thing that you have ever found in your couch?

  • Nick said that he often finds money (coins) in the couches here at the WRRV Studios.
  • Teri in Middletown, said that she found another persons underwear. Her boyfriend wasn't able to exactly explain how that happened.
  • A few others said, hair accessories, belts, dog toys, socks.
  • In 2014, SUNY New Paltz students found $40,000 in a couch that they bought at a thrift store (Click here for that story)

So what was the craziest thing that you ever found under the couch or even shoved in the couch? Let us know.