How do you do, fellow kids? I am extremely young and hip, and not old and boring. And I have absolutely no memory of watching America’s Funniest Home Videos with Bob Saget when it first debuted in 1989. In fact, I wasn’t even alive back then! Yeah, that’s the ticket. In fact, what’s America’s Funniest Home Videos? A TV show? What’s TV? I just watch everything on Netflix on my phone.

Okay, fine. I am old. And I do remember watching many hours of Bob Saget as the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. I may or may not have tried to convince my parents to let me mail in our home videos, which were never very funny, but darn it I just wanted to be on television. Sadly, it never worked.

I was pretty surprised to discover a few years ago, that AFV (as it’s mostly referred to now) was still on the air all these years later. Now in its 29th season, AFV is hosted by former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro. When the show first started, you had to go to the trouble of physically mailing a VHS tape to be considered. Now everyone records everything, so the pool of available material is basically limitless. In fact, ABC has announced the show will return for a 30th and 31st season — and that the man who started it all, Bob Saget, is returning for a new spinoff series called Videos After Dark. Oh my.

Here, via Deadline, is what you can expect from the new show.

Videos After Dark will feature home videos with an edgier twist. Led by Saget, who hosted AFV for its first eight seasons, Videos After Dark will feature videos from Di Bona’s vast video vault that are more appropriate for an older audience. ‘Incredible real-life mishaps, uproarious blunders and extremely bad decisions are celebrated and highlighted with Saget’s comedic commentary,’ according to the network.

Want to feel as old as me? Here is what this show looked like way back when:

In is the year of our Lord 2018 there is going to be an America’s Funniest Home Videos spinoff with Bob Saget. Until then, keep those cameras safely rolling and honey, very few people are going to get this joke.

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