Utica's hometown BBQ restaurant Boneyard BBQ will be featured with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel coming up in the next few months.

While driving around Utica you may have noticed the sign that Boneyard BBQ was having the Travel Channel filming in Utica this afternoon. After calling the restaurant and confirming with the owner Craig, Andrew Zimmern will highlight Boneyard's Chicken BBQ.

Craig explained that Boneyard's Chicken BBQ will be featured on Andrew Zimmern's show on Travel Channel in the next 4-6 months. When we find out the exact date, we will be happy to pass the info on. Crews are on location through 7:30PM today to film and talk with the staff.

Boneyard's BBQ Chicken is being called one of New York's official Chicken BBQs. With salt potatoes and chicken BBQ, New York is finally getting known for something other than pizza.

Boneyard BBQ features a full menu of BBQ that they smoke everyday.

Our BBQ Cook Team is always creating great specials that will have your mouth watering as soon as you hear whats on cooking."

They are located on Roosevelt Drive in Utica.


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