Rob Palmieri, Mayor of the City of Utica, has released a statement in regards to the video that went viral on Facebook over the weekend. The video showed New Hartford's Barry Wardell yelling racial slurs Jakeila Phillips, from a car on Genesee Street.

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A video was posted on social media over the weekend in which a white male yelled racial obscenities at a black woman while driving on Genesee Street.

The statements and slurs made by this bigoted racist were horrifying and repulsive.  This type of conduct is completely unacceptable and has no place in our public discourse.

Utica is a warm, diverse and welcoming community and this individual does not represent who we are or the values we believe in.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for the woman who had to endure this awful incident.  The class she demonstrated in the face of such unspeakable hatred is inspiring and should be commended.

Since the video has been posted, Wardell has been terminated from his job as a food service worker at Hamilton College. He has also been banned from the campus, as the comments made were against the terms of the zero tolerance policy regarding racism that is in place.

The Utica Police Department says they are investigating to see if any laws were broken.

The New Hartford Police have been seen at the home of Mr. Wardell for the past two days.

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