Utica Mack in Marcy has been known to give back to the community in several ways. For years, Tom and his crew have assisted WIBX with our annual toy drive and several other drives.

What started with a need for young people to get involved with the trades, specifically truck mechanics, ended with an amazing donation to the program at SUNY Morrisville. Tom Heiland is the owner of Utica Mack and he joined First News with Keeler in the Morning Friday to discuss what exactly he provided to the university.

This is a top of the line Mack. Heiland says it is a "2020 Mack Anthem with a 70” high rise sleeper.  It has a 445 HP, high efficiency engine. It comes complete with a 12 speed automatic transmission, collision avoidance system, lane departure system, speed limit sign recognition and an adaptive and predictive cruise control. The truck is very fuel efficient and aerodynamic."

Heiland said his company had a unique experience to get a brand new 2020 Mack for a very reasonable rate, The reason he was able to get it at the price he did, was due to the fact it had been in an accident. Heiland and his crew acquired the vehicle and fixed it up to make it look like new. They then donated the actual rig and an array of parts and systems to the college so that students could have hands-on experience in repairing and replacing parts on these machines.

Heiland says of the donation, "We are very pleased to have this opportunity to help the premier vocational college in the region. It is our goal to establish a long lasting relationship with SUNY Morrisville."

Tractor-trailer operations are essential to the logistics of America's economy and manufacturing. With a shortage of mechanics and those specializing in this trade, it could prove problematic. Hopefully, Utica Mack's donation can help in some sort of way to gain interest in the program at Morrisville.

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